Beli is a total sweetheart. She's incredibly kind and caring, if more than a little self-conscious. I was drawn to her (and Kyanna) immediately when I started playing, and when I decided I wanted to create new cosplay for Tekko, I knew she was who I wanted to be. I'd love to make more of her outfits in the future. As this was one of the first costumes I made, I was still learning a lot, but it turned out okay, and I was so happy being able to do an anniversary shoot with my real-life Hunie.

Creator: Outfit by Fractali.
Materials: All fabric purchased at JoAnn; the purple and red were a nice satin solid that I enjoyed working with, but I would change the gold trim if I re-did this. I wanted to avoid making it too heavy but ended up with fabric that was too light and didn't work well.
Shoes were purchased.
Bracelet was a painter's tape roll that was primed, painted, and sealed.
Patterns: Dress was McCall's M6102, modified to make an off-the-shoulder neckline. Jacket was designed from scratch, and was my second attempt.
Makeup: No special makeup involved.
Wig: Magnum Classic by Arda Wigs, in the color Black. Oh, this wig. I actually got it looking the way I wanted at home, but then I forgot to pack it for Tekko and had to go back to pick it up. I tossed it in my trunk, resulting in it getting smushed between luggage by the time I arrived. I messed with it entirely too much the day of out of frustration and wasn't really happy with how it looked.
Props: None.
Other Cosplayers: Trickssi as Kyanna Delrio

Places Worn