Snarky, mysterious, and clearly a bit of a science nerd, I knew Phi was going to be one of my favorite characters right away. As much as the rest of the group (NOT YOU, DIO) made me love them as well, Phi holds a special place in my heart.
I was still working on this the day I drove to PA for Tekko, due to being sick for a week and having some technical problems. There are some things I'd like to be a little cleaner, but overall I'm pretty happy with it, and was so delighted to work with Trickssi & SMZeldaRules in our little group.

Creator: Outfit by Fractali, watch & brooch by Trickssi.
Materials: All fabric purchased at JoAnn - just simple cotton/polyester blends, tulle for the skirt, and stretch fabric for the tank tops & black part of the skirt.
Boots were purchased.
The large black flower barette was bought and then painted, as it wasn't quite as black as advertised, while smaller ones were made by gluing paper flowers onto smaller barettes.
Patterns: Skirt was just a circle skirt that I measured out.
Tank tops were patterned off ones I already owned.
Jacket was modified from Butterick B6385 (B). The collar was modified, sleeves weren't attached, belt & loops were added, and faux pockets were sewn on.
Makeup: No special makeup involved.
Wig: Lulu Classic by Arda Wigs, in the color Titanium Blonde. Cut and styled by me.
Props: Schrödinger's Cat book - cover made by me.
Other Cosplayers: SMZeldaRules as Quark
Trickssi as Alice

Places Worn