Rokurou meets Tales of Berseria's main character, Velvet Crowe, in the middle of a prison break. Although he initially views her as an enemy, he quickly becomes one of her most loyal companions as she embarks on her quest. He is easily my favorite character; a kind, cheerful daemon with a dark past that you learn about through the side quests. When I decided to to to ColossalCon East, knowing my girlfriend and friends would be cosplaying Tales of Berseria swimsuits, I wanted to do his Summer DLC. Since he's a cheerful doofus most of the time, I also figured he would be an easy first cosplay, as I tend to have a goofy smile on my face when I'm nervous.

Creator: Trickssi
Materials: Black & white swimsuit fabric from The Fabric Fairy for the top. The shorts were made with charcoal grey boardshort fabric, also from The Fabric Fairy. The green trim was picked up at JoAnn. Trickssi hand painted all the designs with Jacquard fabric paint. The hat was purchased with feathers & the leather band added.
Patterns: Shorts were modified from a pattern for a pair of scrubs, which I didn't think to document. The top was patterned by by Niho of Trimeriad Cosplay.
Makeup: Male contour done by Niho, while Trickssi painted on Rokurou's daemon markings.
Props: Fishing pole & tackle box. Bienfu on loan from Trimeriad Cosplay.
Other Cosplayers: Feytaline as Magilou
Niho (Trimeriad Cosplay) as Eizen
Trickssi as Velvet Crowe
Tomoyo (Trimeriad Cosplay) as Laphicet

Places Worn