Rokurou's default outfit is ridiculously complicated, and wearing it has made me look at so many Berseria shots in a new light, as there is NO way he could be standing in certain poses with his armor and sword. I don't even understand how he can fight in it. Not to mention go to the bathroom without it taking five years. As I couldn't possibly make his outfit myself, I'm grateful that Trimeriad purchased the outfit and that I'm able to fit in it! Even with the bulky armor and huge sword, he's always so much fun to wear.

Creator: Store-bought, borrowed from Trimeriad Cosplay
Materials: N/A.
Patterns: N/A.
Makeup: Male contour & daemon markings done by Trickssi.
Wig: On loan from Trickssi.
Props: Sword & armor, on loan from Trimeriad. Armor crafted by Trickssi.
Other Cosplayers: Trickssi as Velvet Crowe
Tomoyo (Trimeriad Cosplay) as Laphicet

Places Worn