I didn't think I was going to like Seven when I started the game. He can be perverted at times and snippy when it comes to Lotus and Clover, but overall, he's a big, sometimes grumpy teddy bear who cares for everyone and wants to help them get out safely. The more I replayed the game, I saw how kind and intelligent he is. I love that he was my first 999 character to cosplay, and I couldn't have asked for a better group.

Creator: Outfit by Fractali.
Materials: Jacket, hat, and overalls were purchased; jacket was painted and the apple on the hat is an iron-on patch. I wear the same boots I wear with Zero Time Dilemma's Phi.
Patterns: N/A.
Makeup: No special makeup involved; basic male contour with some lines drawn on for his scars.
Wig: Jett Classic from Arda Wigs in Natural Black, same as for Sigma.
Props: N/A
Other Cosplayers: BWH Comics as Ace
Maiitsu as Akane
Paulomatica as Junpei
Spufflez as Clover
Trickssi as Lotus

Places Worn