I didn't love Sigma when he was introduced in Virtue's Last Reward. He seemed like a cocky jerk, and I was much more fascinated by his initial AB Room companion, Phi. But over the course of the game, you discover that underneath the dirty jokes and general arrogance, he's actually a kind-hearted man who's willing to sacrifice himself to save others. Learning that he was a fan of cats was the icing on the cake, and exploring his character more in the final chapter of the series, Zero Time Dilemma, only made me love him more.

Making Sigma was a last-minute decision for MAGFest 2018; I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and our friend Fey. Since there was only one photo shoot and I'm still trying to learn how to do expressions that show up on camera, there aren't a lot of good pictures, but I'd love to wear him again.

Creator: Fractali
Materials: Store-bought jumpsuit (hence why the color isn't a perfect match), white iron-on vinyl, and white Jacquard fabric paint.
Patterns: None. The decorations on his jumpsuit were made by taking images from offical artwork and blowing them up to scale before printing them out on card stock paper. I then trimmed the card stock to make a negative of the image and used that to cut out the vinyl.
Makeup: Male contour done by Trickssi.
Wig: Jett Classic from Arda Wigs in Natural Black, styled by Trickssi.
Props: Lord Hoppington made out of green fabric and poly fill, the Schrödinger's cat book made by covering an existing book with craft paper, the Crew Quarter's poster, and key on a string around my ankle.
Other Cosplayers: Feytaline as Luna
Spufflez as Clover Field
Trickssi as Alice

Places Worn