Fractali (pronounced like "fractally") is a science geek, a history dork, a grammar dork, a liberal feminist, insomniac, and compulsive writer, not necessarily in that order. She's been writing fanfiction since she was fourteen, but only started cosplaying in 2017. She's still teaching herself how to sew, style wigs, and embody the characters, but debuted her first two created costumes in April of 2018 and hopes to have at least three more put together by the end of the year.

Active (read: spammy) on social media, she is also the webmistress and occasional columnist at the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network, a group for members of the cosplay community who are survivors of harassment, trauma, sexual assault, or abuse. It was founded in 2016 by Trickssi, who happens to be her wonderful girlfriend.


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Beli Lapran (HuniePop)

Silk Sari - debuted at Tekko 2018.
Photo by Cosfame.
Featured cosplayer: Trickssi

Rokurou Rangetsu (Tales of Berseria)

Default - first worn at MAGFest 2018.
Photo by Houkakyou.

Rokurou Rangetsu (Tales of Berseria)

Summer DLC - debuted at ColossalEast 2017.
Photo by Yenra.